If your questions are not listed here, please contact us

S4S stands for "surfaced four sides"
The material has already been planned and is smooth. (Not sanded)

We do ship lumber! Due to most material not being a standard size all lumber orders must go to our store where you'll talk to a live representative who will help answer all your questions.

No! We will cut lumber by the foot as long as it leaves us with a 8' or longer piece left over.

This indicates the thickness of the material and typically means it's in the rough (not milled).
4/4 = 1"
5/4 = 1.25"
6/4 = 1.5"
8/4 = 2"
10/4 = 2.5"
12/4 = 3"
16/4 = 4"

We will try to get as close to your order as possible. If you ordered 10' length and we are out we will subsitute it with something longer like a 12' length. If the total end footage will greatly be off your original order, we will call to discuss with you.